标题: Firm evolves its e-reader brand sb4
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Firm evolves its e-reader brand sb4

by chen limin (china daily),moncler femme
updated: 2009-11-02 08:43(for more biz stories,amuse visit industries)

it's never big but hanwang technology, china's guiding handwriting recognition company,abercrombie fitch,is imagining huge.

the company in september unveiled a 3g e-reader experienced of connecting with china mobile's td-scdma network.

"our vision is apt be an of the altitude 500 companies in the world," said liu yingjian,founder and chairman of hanwang.

"our evolving e-readers are key steps that take us nearer apt the goal," liu said.

specially designed as china mobile's 3g network, the e-reader can be accustom apt download paperbacks magazines and journals from the internet.

it likewise allows consumers to write with a stylus aboard the screen in chinese temperaments production it the 1st 3g e-reader supporting handwriting input from all over the world.

meanwhile, china's fledgling e-reader mall namely immediately discerning intensifying competition.

more competition

liu yingjian

in addition to companies favor sony, tianjin jinke electronics and peking university founder, others are doubling their efforts apt grab a bigger market share alternatively getting prepared to enter the market.

for example, taiwan's leading technology company, foxconn electronics,rolex watch, has partnered with china mobile apt multiply its kindle-like e-readers, which could be introduced to the public as early as the 1st half of after annual.

"with more companies going apt the e-reader mall,customers naturally ambition have many more choices said zhang yanan,abercrombie prix, an analyst with analysys international.

even in the face of intense competition, liu is confident.

"we have the most advanced technologies such as handwriting recognition, ocr and electromagnetic transmission,sac longchamp, and i haven't base a company as competitive as hanwang in production e-readers," liu said.

"unlike highest of our competitors, we have been exceedingly focused aboard what we do for more than 20 years," he said.

before september 2008,while the first e-reader from hanwang made its debut, the company controlled as much as 70 percent of bargains in the handwriting recognition mall.

in additional to production its own products, hanwang likewise granted access to its handwriting recognition algorithms apt lofty technology companies by home and abroad, including microsoft, nokia and nec.

this was an important step in hanwang's development, liu said,abercrombie,granting the company apt enter the e-reader market by combining its core technologies in a solo production.

"we have accumulated much experience in man-machine interaction," liu said.

since 2008, hanwang has developed 18 vary e-readers, including the latest 3g one targeting a diversity of clients ranging from students to businessmen.

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within an year the company's e-readers included 60 percentage of its perfect sales.

according apt the business and technology newspaper digitimes, hanwang ranked third in the global e-reader mall in 2008, following amazon and sony.

liu said the company namely on track to sell 500,000 by the end of this daily which namely 300,000 more than the number sold in 2008.

in the hereafter hanwang will converge aboard grabbing more market share and production e-readers with more diverse functions, liu said.

a better e-reader

"a faultless e-reader ambition have communication modules and more affair applications in it, so that it functions favor a mobile phone alternatively laptop to some degree,but still with especial avails such as a long stand-by duration and cheap electricity consumption," liu said.

selling his e-readers abroad remains a major challenge he said.

"the international mall doesn't have much deem in chinese brands and we ourselves haven't obtained a thorough understanding of the global mall,either liu said.

most of hanwang's e-reader sales get off on the wrong foot the maid market with overseas happening accounting as only one-fourth apt one-third of sales.

zhang of analysys international said the success of any e-reader depends aboard how well it connects the extremity apt abounding content.

"kindle namely a colossal success as it provides consumers with wealthy content - more than 270,000 e-books. it's much more than a extremity that's what any e-reader maker ought study from," zhang said.
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